Rub of the Week Recipes

TLP Pulled Pork

This weekend we cooked up some pulled pork with the @threelittlepigsbbqrubs And boy was it good! Follow the recipe below for some killer pulled pork!
For a homerun pulled pork, the combo of these rubs from "Three Little Pigs" is the perfect balance of seasonings,savory and sweet.
Using a 8 lb pork butt, apply very generously the "Kansas City Championship Blend" directly to the pork. Rub this seasoning into the meat. Let it set for 5 minutes.
Next step, use a mustard sauce of your choice, and apply it to the entire pork. Rub it onto the surface.
After the mustard binder, apply the "Touch of Cherry" to the surface very generously. No need to really rub it in,but you can pat it into the mustard gently.

Layering of the flavors is so we can get more distance flavors. The first layer that's directly applied is adding flavor, but really enhancing the pork. Finishing it off with the "Touch of Cherry" will help to create a beautiful and incredibly flavorful bark.
Simply mixing the 2 flavors and applying them to a mustard rubbed pork butt, doesn't yield the same affect.
Smoke the butt directly on the smoker grate at 225°. You can let it smoke the entire time unwrapped, or you can wrap the pork butt in either butcher paper or aluminum foil once the internal temperature has hit 165°. Your desired final temperature is 201°-205°. Whats really important is that it "probes like butter". Each cut of meat is different in its makeup and some be tender at 201° and some may need to be taken up to 205°. Once the pork is removed, let it rest for atleast 30 minutes before shredding.
To give it a final touch, give it another shake of the rub.


Hey Grill Hey Tri-Tip

This weeks rub of the week is @heygrillhey Beef rub! This rub is spot on as a companion to beef. It truly does enhance and compliment the beef flavor.
Here is how to make a simply delicious,
Reverse Seared Tri-Tip

Using a trimmed tri-tip- generously apply the "Hey Grill Hey" Beef Rub to the meat. Rub or pat the seasoning into meat. Set tri-tip straight on the grate of the smoker and smoke the tri-tip at 180°. Once the tri-tip has reached 10 degrees below the final desired temperature, (Depending on the size and the initial temperature of the tri-tip, will determine how long it stays on smoke mode) you want to pull it off smoke and finish it with a high heat sear to the desired final temperature. This can be achieved several ways. If you are using a single grill, it is recommended to remove and wrap up the tri-tip while the grill temperature is increasing.
Turning up the temperature on the smoker/grill while the tritip is on will finish it off, but it will give it layers of brown and gray within the tri-tip that is less desirable. What you want to see is a pink center and a seared exterior that has dimension.
While searing, baste with butter to give the exterior a crisper finish. Make up a seasoned butter with 4 Tbsps of softened butter mixed with 1 tsp of "Hey Grill Hey" Beef Rub. (Any remaining butter, apply it onto the finished tri-tip)
Once the tri-tip has reached desired final temperature, pull and let rest for at least 10 minutes.
With tri-tip, the way you slice it, will make or break it. Always slice against the grain to give the nicest chew unless you're wanting a jaw work out. With tri-tip, the grain direction switches usually in the middle of the tri-tip.
This rub as well as all the other rubs and sauces from "Hey Grill Hey" are outstanding, award winning, and quality made. Be sure to check them out!


Blues Hog Smashed Potatoes

Check out this weeks rub of the week! @blueshognation Bold n Beefy rub. One of our favorites, follow the link to get 10% off online! Also check out this awesome recipe used with the bold n beefy
While this seasoning is directed for Steaks, burgers and brisket, it can be used on much more!
These smashed potatoes are a simple, savory side that will turn out to be the "Star of the Meal". For the recipe-
Using baby potatoes, cook them how you prefer to get them fork tender. Using an instant pot, boiling them or baking in the grill all work great.
Once the potatoes are fork tender, spread them on a generously oiled cookie sheet. Not just a light spritz, but a good amount for the potatoes to crisp up in.
Using the bottom of a cup, smash and flatten them out.
Sprinkle them heavily with Blues Hogs Bold n' Beefy. If you want to add a shake of parmesan cheese, that will also add great flavor.
These can be finished off a few ways-
Simply broil them in an oven for 5-10 minutes to crisp them up.
Set them in the smoker at 225° for 25 minutes to add in a smokey tone then increase the temp to 375° to fry them up a bit in the oil that they are smashed into. At 375°, they need to cook for about 10 minutes.
This rub works great on many different things. The coarse pepper is noticeable and sure elevates the experience of the seasoning.


Heath Riles Citrus Salmon

If you're looking for the perfect rub for seafood, Heath Riles Simple citrus rub is a grand slam.
This seasoning works so well on vegetables, chicken and more.
For this recipe-
Filet of salmon(skin on or off is your preference) this salmon had skin on.
Season up the salmon filet with Heath Riles "Simple Citrus"
Lay filet directly on grate of smoker.
Smoke at 180° for 1 hour.
Add a few tabs of butter across the filet. Increase temperature to 325° and finish off the salmon until it hits an internal temperature of 145°. Give it a fresh squeeze of a lemon and enjoy!


Kosmos Homemade Buffalo Chips

A little sprinkle of this dust can make your ordinary food become a "Wow" food.
Kosmos Wing dust is phenomenal on wings but using it on veggies, popcorn or more is never a bad idea.

Try it on homemade chips and you'll never want to buy a store bought bag again! There are several different flavors. You can also create some unique combos!

Using thinly sliced potatoes that have been rinsed and dried, deep fry them in oil that is at a temperature of 350°. Fry them until the chips turn a golden brown.
Pulled out of the oil and drain a bit. While they are still hot, generously shake on and toss Kosmos Wing Dust of your choice.

Make sure you make plenty, You'll be eating them up!