Pulled Pork

Season 2-4 hours before you smoke (I do mine over night)

light smoker and smoke at 225-250

Place on smoker fat cap DOWN

Once internal temp of the pork is between 150-160 place in pan and add 1/3-1/2 cup of either Dr Pepper, or apple juice or a vinegar based bbq sauce.

Wrap the top of the pan and continue cooking until internal temp is about 200 (198-202).

Remove from smoker and let rest in an empty cooler for at least 30 mins.

Pull apart and reseason. Add 1/2 of the juice collected in the pan while smoking. Toss like a salad.

Serve and enjoy.




Season with pork seasoning 1 hour before smoking

Set smoker to 275 degrees

Place ribs bone side down for 90 mins

Wrap and add butter, honey and brown sugar to meat side

Place back on smoker wrapped bone side UP for an additional 90 mins.

Let rest 15 -30 mins in a cooler.

Slice between bones and enjoy.


TLP Pulled Pork

This weekend we cooked up some pulled pork with the @threelittlepigsbbqrubs And boy was it good! Follow the recipe below for some killer pulled pork!
For a homerun pulled pork, the combo of these rubs from "Three Little Pigs" is the perfect balance of seasonings,savory and sweet.
Using a 8 lb pork butt, apply very generously the "Kansas City Championship Blend" directly to the pork. Rub this seasoning into the meat. Let it set for 5 minutes.
Next step, use a mustard sauce of your choice, and apply it to the entire pork. Rub it onto the surface.
After the mustard binder, apply the "Touch of Cherry" to the surface very generously. No need to really rub it in,but you can pat it into the mustard gently.

Layering of the flavors is so we can get more distance flavors. The first layer that's directly applied is adding flavor, but really enhancing the pork. Finishing it off with the "Touch of Cherry" will help to create a beautiful and incredibly flavorful bark.
Simply mixing the 2 flavors and applying them to a mustard rubbed pork butt, doesn't yield the same affect.
Smoke the butt directly on the smoker grate at 225°. You can let it smoke the entire time unwrapped, or you can wrap the pork butt in either butcher paper or aluminum foil once the internal temperature has hit 165°. Your desired final temperature is 201°-205°. Whats really important is that it "probes like butter". Each cut of meat is different in its makeup and some be tender at 201° and some may need to be taken up to 205°. Once the pork is removed, let it rest for atleast 30 minutes before shredding.
To give it a final touch, give it another shake of the rub.