Turkey Breast


Thaw out the bird and from thawed open it in a pan (with all the broth). Place it skin side down 

Lightly season the top ONLY.

Smoke at 275 degrees for 2 hours. 

Wrap the top and continue cooking at 275 until internal temp is 165 degrees in the thickest part. 

Place in a cooler until ready to eat. No need for rest time. 


Loot N' Booty Sweet Heat Chicken

Using chicken of your choice (thighs,legs,breast)

Rub a thin layer of the sauce on the chicken.

Set in smoker at a low smoke temp of 180°

Smoke for 1 hour


After the chicken has smoked an hour, generously baste more of the Loot N Booty Southwest Sweet Heat Sauce on the chicken and increase the temp to 375°. This is where the carmelization and browning happens so if you want to do this on a high heat grill, you will get fantastic results with the open flame.

Finish off chicken to an internal temp of a minimum of 165 for best results-breast- 165° thighs-175° Legs-175°

This chicken is fantastic served as is, diced up and put into a Southwest pasta or green salad or in a wrap!