The Good One Marshall

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  • Competition grade smoker offers an astounding 2,849 square inches of cooking area
  • Capable of both low and slow smoking and high temp grilling
  • Internal damper allows control of how much smoke enters the chamber
  • Twist-style air intakes provide simple and precise internal temperature control
  • Smoking chamber above and behind the firebox prevents hotspots

Create superbly smoked foods that are moist, juicy, and succulent on the third generation The Good-One Marshall Freestanding Smoker and Grill. This competition-grade smoker and grill combo has a dedicated firebox below and behind the smoke chamber that can be affixed with a grill grate for direct, high-temp grilling. The position of the smoke chamber above and behind the firebox creates a uniform temperature across the chamber preventing hotspots. The internal damper spans the entire width of the smoker allowing control of how much smoke you want inside the chamber. The external twist-style air intakes allow for simple and easy temperature control inside the smoker. The grill grate with 471 square inches of grilling area and 4 adjustable smoke chamber grates with 2,379 square inches of cooking area are constructed of expanded steel. The smoke chamber can also house 3 additional smoke chamber grates (sold separately). There is a one-inch incline in the base of the smoke box allowing grease drippings to flow toward the drain which features a brass valve for opening to drain and clean. The firebox also houses a removable drop-in ash pan and charcoal grate. The 3-inch Tel-Tru analog thermometer is front mounted onto the right smoker door and provides a readout of the internal temperature of the smoker. The smoker is constructed of powder-coated 11-gauge US steel providing durability and a sleek finish. Also, included with this smoker are heavy-duty pneumatic wheels, and owners manual.