Oakridge Santa Maria Steak 1lb

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Santa Maria Grill Seasoning

Best Rub for Anything On the Grill; Steaks, Tri-tip, Veges, Chops, you name it!

Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Grill Seasoning is our riff on a California classic. We’ve taken the fabled Santa Maria grilling seasoning and elevated it to new levels never imagined. Rich garlic, pungent pepper and spicy chilies combine with just the right amount of natural fine flake sea salt and other special herbs and spices for the perfect salty/spicy/savory balance. You’ve never experienced just how good beef can be until you’ve tried this rub on your favorite steak. Tri-tip, brisket, hanger steaks, skirt steaks, ribeyes, sirloins or fillet mignon. But, don’t stop there, even seafood, vegetables, pork & chicken, soups, stews, and just about everything else is greatly enhanced with this rub.