Hotty Totty Bovine Delight

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Hotty Totty Bovine Delight was blended to add a layer of flavor to competition brisket specifically for the KCBS circuit. Hotty Totty Bovine Delight contains a special salt blend, pepper, onion, garlic and other special spices to produce a pop of flavor in our food and especially in competition brisket. Works really well as a complement to steaks as well. A dusting of Bovine Delight makes beef and vegetables taste great. Hotty Totty BBQ has over ten brisket calls using the Bovine Delight blend and always wows our cooks at home as well. Bovine Delight adds excellent flavor for pork if you're looking for more of a savory profile. Try Bovine Delight with Climax AP and 38 Special for an award winning steak rub that has taken home numerous first place calls for the Hotty Totty BBQ Crew!