Charboss Grill Scraper

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  • Safety Factor  –  no more worries about ingesting dangerous wire fibers left on your grill grid
  • Forming Tool  –  instantly customizes the scraper to any front-to-back rod-style grilling surface
    1. Mark it
    2. Snap it
    3. Fit it
  • “Tooth” –  aids in added scraping and helps create that perfect custom fit
  • Scraping Flange  –  scrapes underneath the rods and helps clean those hard-to-reach places
    • Can be used to lift the hot grid to retrieve lost food
  • Bottle Opener  –  conveniently positioned underneath the handle
  • Protected  – treated with FDA approved food-safe mineral oil which protects the wood and provides a beautiful finish
  • Longer Handle  – keeps your hand away from the heated grid
    • Dimensions: L: 16” W: 3.5” (scraping edge)
  • Light Weight  – no excess, wasted wood; can be used with one hand
    • Wt: 6 oz