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Sweet Money is the #1 rub for pork and ribs in the competition BBQ circuit. It’s a powerful blend of savory flavors that help take BBQ recipes to the next level - some say it’s even better in the backyard. It’s no surprise that you’ll find this BBQ rub in the BBQ arsenal of winning competition teams. 

Sweet Money starts off savory and sweet and finishes a slight kick of heat. This balanced blend between savory, salty and sweet flavors keep BBQ pro’s and backyard cooks alike coming back for more. The secret is in the large rocks of high-quality sea salt and granulated honey. The rocks of salt melt into meat creating a savory finish. 

The versatile flavor profile of Sweet Money makes this pork and rib rub great on more than just pork recipes - Big Poppa loves using it on chicken too. Sweet Money boosts the flavor of your BBQ recipes while adding a pleasant bark and shine.

Poppa's Tip: Let your meat "sweat"/rest for about 5-10 minutes before cooking for the best results. 

14oz shaker