BBQr's Delight 60lb Jack Daniels Pellets

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Jack Daniels Wood Pellets offer the same sweet, aromatic tang you love from Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey in flavored smoke form. This distinct smoke flavor pairs well with red meats including beef, pork and it's also great on poultry, fish and game.
Jack Daniels Wood Pellets are not like ordinary wood pellets, these bags of pellets offer a stronger flavoring smoke. Due to their potency, these pellets are NOT recommended for use as the sole pellet fuel in any pellet smoker. This bag should be used only when mixed with other pellets or in an A-Maze-N Tube Smoker. 

Comes in (3) 20lb bags making a total of 60lb. 

Pro tip: Order $100+ worth of pellets, rubs, fuels, and accessories and receive FREE standard shipping within the continental U.S.